The Mission of the Alliance of Illinois Judges (AIJ) is to:

1. Promote and foster friendly relations and goodwill between and among its members and between its membership and other members of the bench and bar;

2. Advance the professional enrichment of the judiciary, promote the administration of justice and improve the legal profession;

3. Promote and encourage respect and unbiased treatment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) individuals as they relate to the judiciary, the legal profession and the administration of justice;

4. Defend and advance the integrity and independence of the judiciary;

5. Encourage, promote and provide continuing legal education to members of the bench, bar and public;

6. Foster and promote a positive public perception and a better understanding of the judiciary to LGBTQ individuals and to members of the public at large;

7. Promote equal and unbiased treatment of LGBTQ members of the judiciary on issues affecting judges, such as assignments, compensation, benefits, judicial elections, retentions and appointments; and,

8. Pursue any and all acts reasonably necessary in the furtherance of these goals.

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