Officers and Directors

Hon. Mary Trew, President

Domestic Relations Division

Daley Center Ct.rm. 3003

(312) 603-5278


Hon. Mary Cay Marubio, Vice-President

Pretrial Division

Leighton Criminal Courthouse Ctrm. 100

(773) 674-0513

Hon. Sebastian Patti, Secretary

Domestic Violence Division

DV Courthouse CTRM 4400



Hon Judy Rice, Treasurer

​Domestic Violence Division

DV Courthouse CTRM 201



​Hon. Mary Colleen Roberts, Past-President

Domestic Relations Division

Fourth Dist. Ctrm. 201

Maywood, IL

(708) 865-4812


Hon. James Snyder

Law Division

Daley Center, CTRM 2001



Hon. Michael McHale

​Criminal Division

26th and California Ct.rm. 308

(773) 674-7434


Past Presidents


  • Hon. Thomas Chiola (Ret.)
  • Hon. James Snyder
  • Hon. Colleen Sheehan
  • Hon. Stuart Katz

Charter Members


  • Hon. Eileen Brewer (Ret)
  • Hon. Cheryl D.Cesario (Ret)
  • Hon. Thomas Chiola (Ret.)
  • Hon. Sophia H. Hall
  • Hon. Nancy J. Katz (Ret.)
  • Hon. Stuart Katz
  • Hon. Norene Love (Ret)
  • Hon. Mike McHale
  • Hon. Sandra R. Otaka (deceased)
  • Hon. Sebastian T. Patti
  • Hon. Sherry Pethers (Ret)
  • Hon. Mary Colleen Roberts
  • Hon. James Snyder
  • Hon. Colleen Sheehan
  • Hon. Lori M Wolfson (Ret)


Other LGBTQ Members

  • Hon John Dalton
  • Hon. John Erhlich
  • Hon. Michael Forti
  • Hon. Cecilia Horan
  • Hon. Lana C. Johnson
  • Hon. Patricia Logue
  • Hon. Stephanie Miller
  • Hon. Linda J. Pauel
  • Hon. Mary Margaret Rowland
  • Hon. Andrea Schleifer
  • Hon. Catherine Schneider



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The Alliance of Illinois Judges was formed by the LGBTQ judges of Illinois to promote diversity and understanding within the judiciary and the legal community. Our membership includes LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ judges.

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