Welcome to our website.

Welcome to the AIJ Website

The Alliance of Illinois Judges (AIJ) was formed by the Lesbian and Gay Judges of the Circuit Court of Cook County (Chicago, IL). We hope to be a resource for our fellow Judges and the legal community, and to be mentors for LGBTQ law students. Please read our Mission Statement and feel free to contact us.

Membership in the AIJ is open to all current and retired State and Federal Judges in Illinios. Become a member of the AIJ today. Download the Membership Application by using the link above.


The Mission of the Alliance of Illinois Judges (AIJ) is to:

1. Promote and foster friendly relations and goodwill between and among its members and between its membership and other members of the bench and bar;

2. Advance the professional enrichment of the judiciary, promote the administration of justice and improve the legal profession;

3. Promote and encourage respect and unbiased treatment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) individuals as they relate to the judiciary, the legal profession and the administration of justice;

4. Defend and advance the integrity and independence of the judiciary;

5. Encourage, promote and provide continuing legal education to members of the bench, bar and public;

6. Foster and promote a positive public perception and a better understanding of the judiciary to LGBTQ individuals and to members of the public at large;

7. Promote equal and unbiased treatment of LGBTQ members of the judiciary on issues affecting judges, such as assignments, compensation, benefits, judicial elections, retentions and appointments; and,

8. Pursue any and all acts reasonably necessary in the furtherance of these goals.