Officers and Directors

Hon. Cecilia Horan, President

Chancery Division

Daley Center 

(312) 603-3900


Hon. Jill Rose Quinn, Vice President

​Domestic Relations Division

Daley Center

(312) 603-4836

Hon. Linda Pauel, 1st Past President

Juvenile Justice Division

Cook County Juvenile Center

(312) 433-4757

Hon. Judy Rice, Treasurer

Presiding Judge

Domestic Violence Division

DV Courthouse

(312) 325-9000


Hon. James Derico, Secretary

Chancery Division

Daley Center 


Hon. Mary Cay Marubio,

2nd Past President

Acting Presiding Judge Pretrial Division

Leighton Criminal Courthouse

(773) 674-0513

Hon. Robert Harris, Board Director

Law Division

Daley Center 

(312) 603-4834


Hon. Abbey Romanek,  Board Director

Domestic Relations Division

Daley Center

(312) 603-7503


Hon. Matthew Jannusch,  Board Director

Domestic Relations Division

Daley Center

(312) 603-3025

Past Presidents


  • Hon. Thomas Chiola (Ret.) 2009-2010
  • Hon. James Snyder (Ret.) 2010-2011
  • Hon. Colleen Sheehan (Ret.) 2011-2013
  • Hon. Stuart Katz​ (Ret.) 2013-2015
  • Hon Mary Colleen Roberts  2015-2017
  • Hon. Mary S. Trew  2017-2019
  • Hon. Mary Cay Marubio 2019 - 2021
  • Hon. Linda Pauel  2021-2023

Charter Members


  • Hon. Eileen Brewer (Ret.)
  • Hon. Cheryl D.Cesario (Ret.)
  • Hon. Thomas Chiola (Ret.)
  • Hon. Sophia H. Hall
  • Hon. Nancy J. Katz (Ret.)
  • Hon. Stuart Katz (Ret.)
  • Hon. Norene Love (Ret.)
  • Hon. Mike McHale
  • Hon. Sandra R. Otaka (deceased)
  • Hon. Sebastian T. Patti (Ret.)
  • Hon. Sherry Pethers (Ret.)
  • Hon. Mary Colleen Roberts
  • Hon. James Snyder (Ret.)
  • Hon. Colleen Sheehan (Ret.)
  • Hon. Lori M Wolfson (Ret.)


Other LGBTQ+ Members

  • Hon John Dalton
  • Hon. James Derico 
  • Hon. Sabra Ebersole
  • Hon. John Erhlich
  • Hon. Michael Forti
  • Hon. Robert Harris
  • Hon. Cecilia Horan
  • Hon. Matthew Jannusch
  • Hon. Lana C. Johnson (Deceased)
  • Hon. Patricia Logue (Ret.)
  • Hon. Mary Cay Marubio
  • Hon. Stephanie Miller
  • Hon. Michael N. Pattarozzi
  • Hon. Linda J. Pauel
  • Hon. Jill Rose Quinn
  • Hon. Mariano R. Reyna
  • Hon. Judith Rice
  • Hon. Mary Margaret Rowland
  • Hon. Andrea Schleifer (Ret.)
  • Hon. Catherine Schneider
  • Hon. Levander Smith, Jr. 
  • Hon. Mary S. Trew
  • Hon. Bradley Trowbridge
  • Hon. Michael Weaver



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The Alliance of Illinois Judges was formed by the LGBTQ+ judges of Illinois to promote diversity and understanding within the judiciary and the legal community. Our membership includes LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ judges.

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